"I've known Jose for about 5 years. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and nutrition. As a pescatarian I've always struggled with finding the right balance in my nutrition/fitness regimen. Jose always gives me his honest opinion and recommendations that result in helping me attain my goals. Because of those character traits he has a lifetime friend and client in me. Thank you manin!!"

– Christina T.

"Working with Jose is the best fitness experience I’ve had. His ability to make things simple allows anyone to make improvements both physically and mentally. His constant support and desire to see you improve makes even the most daunting physicals goals obtainable."

– Justin R.

"Professional , productive & phenomenal. Your ability to work with all types of bodies is a skill not many have. You have true skill and continue to show it through your craft with your programs & extensive knowledge especially with proper nutrition & supplements. Keep on killing it bro."

– Digna B.

"All I have to say is thank you Jose! Your program helped me so much! I started at 140 lbs and no motivation. I started the program during the pandemic and I didn’t gain the “corona 15” I lost 25 lbs during all of this! I’m 115 lbs now and never been happier! Thank you again Jose!"

– Cecilia M.

"I’ve known Jose for a good while before I asked him to coach me. I’ve been able to witness his knowledge through his own personal transformations as well as hearing first hand accounts of clients. It was only right that when I was ready to receive coaching, that I went to the right man for the job. Jose gave me a very in depth diet and work out plan that was carefully planned out in order to achieve maximum results. After the first week of training I could see a significant change. By the end of week four, I was a new person. I highly recommend training with Jose."

– Jerome S.

"I’ve enjoyed working with Jose and will continue working with him! He’s very easy to work with and always available. Jose also likes to check up on you weekly, to make sure how you’re doing and if you have any concerns or questions. Most importantly, he took  his time to create a customized meal plan and workout plan for me which I really appreciate. With his help, I’ve been able to see great results within 4 weeks. If you need a little push or motivation to achieve your goal, Jose is definitely the right coach for you!"

– Suley

"Last year I had asked Josè to help me with my diet and Exercise. He had set me up with an awesome meal plan to get me back on track. Him and I had trained one on one for about a month. I instantly saw results! Jose is amazing and absolutely 100% knows the right way to help someone achieve their goals."

– Michelle

"I worked with Jose Vidal for 8 weeks last year. He’s a great nutritionist and is very knowledgeable with both food and supplements. We worked together on my eating habits and although I didn’t lose much weight I lost a significant amount of body fat. He’s the man!"

– Joey M.

"I was able to work with Jose on my fitness goals and was so satisfied with my results. Jose created a program that fit my needs, schedule, and allowed me to healthily reach my goals. He was always there for questions at any point, and changed my mindset and outlook on exercise paired with a healthy diet. He honed in on all of my personal goals and helped me make them happen! I was able to instill trust in Jose and he got me to my goals and made me recognize that if you stay dedicated and mindful you will be successful. His meal and workout plans were amazing! My time working with Jose was rewarding and one of a kind, he is a prime example of expertise in his field!"

– Carissa S.

"Great coach! Very professional and friendly at the same time so i felt relatable, and you keep it real all of the time. You share your knowledge so I have a clear understanding of every movement and it’s purpose. You also motivate me to stay disciplined. I’ve been with you since January 2020 and my physique, knowledge and passion for fitness have all developed dramatically!"

– Zay

"Jose’s program really gave me the structure I was looking for to advance with my strength training. The program he provided me with was specified towards my personal goals and came along with  a nutrition plan based on my specific needs. The weekly check ins helped me stay on track and stick to our plan. If your looking to build muscle, shred some body fat or just looking to look damn good I’d deff recommend working with Jose!"


"Damn where do I start, I’ve always been “familiar with fitness and working out”, but being familiar with just fitness isn’t enough. After working with Jose i learned it’s a combination of working out, eating good and BALANCE. Balance in regards to life, not doing too much and controlling what you eat. He opened my eyes to a whole different world of fitness that not many people see. And for that I will always be grateful."

– Jessie C.

"Working out with Jose “ el Gallo” Vidal was an amazing experience. When I 1st made the decision to compete in a body building show, I did not know how anything worked!!! When one of my trainers introduced me to Jose I wasn’t sure what to expect but very quickly I realized that I was in good hands. Jose is so knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and workouts!!! I have been going to the gym for over 20 years and he gave me workouts that I have not hear of or ever seen anyone do but the results from these workouts were incredible. I went from looking a bit chubby to solid lean muscle mass within a month and half. For my 2nd show I had no doubt about who my trainer and nutritionist would be! My results for my 2nd show were even better, the way that Jose would make small changes to my meals I would see such a difference the very next morning and that would motivate even more to keep working harder. Being that I had never competed before, Jose was with out a doubt the best choice I made for this competition and if I was ever going to compete again Jose is hands down my number 1 pick to take through that journey once again!"

– Julio F.

"Jose’s program really gave me the structure I was looking for to advance with my strength training. The program he provided me with was specified towards my personal goals and came along with  a nutrition plan based on my specific needs. The weekly check ins helped me stay on track and stick to our plan. If your looking to build muscle, shred some body fat or just looking to look damn good I’d deff recommend working with Jose!"

– Meredith C.

"Jose Vidal is the one person I will for ever be grateful to. A friend of mine recommended me to him and that was one of the best decision I had ever mad. I being working out for years and I was ok somewhat of ok shape. At the time I was 39 years old my birthday was coming up. I was gonna be 40 . I told myself I wanted to be in the best shape of my of my life at 40. Jose was able to take me from having the regular dad body to looking like a fucking fitness model at 40 years in 10 weeks. I followed his mealing and training plan ...I never cheat because he wouldn't let me. He was with me from the day I started until minutes of my photoshoot. I will for ever be grateful to him for giving me the body I have always dream of."

– Nick

"Jose is a great personal trainer as well as a great person overall. He guides you, motivates you, and listens. Going through a prep is no easy task and is a journey where you feel all kinds of emotions and Jose was always there to walk me through it. He is very knowledgeable on body composition, workouts and meal planning. It was amazing to see how my body was changing and how a little tweak in the meals and workouts would make such a difference!!! My body went from 25% body fat to 6% in 12 weeks! My transformation was insane!!! If i had to go through that prep all over again, i would definitely choose Jose without a question. You will NOT starve with his meal plans, he keeps you well fed. Who would've thought that you get lean and strong by eating a lot! LOL If you're looking to improve your body composition, Jose's guidance will make it happen...as long as YOU put in the WORK!!"

– Refany F.

"Hey all, so when I was in a crunch to get a meal plan done I immediately knew who I had to reach out to. Jose has always been an extremely knowledgeable man in all this fitness and nutrition. I had about two months to cut at least 15 lbs but I did not want to lose any strength whatsoever. Jose gave me nothing but his best as he does to each and every one of his clients. It was a weekly meal plan with slight tweaks to each week depending on how the check ins were going and how well I was filling. In a matter of 6 weeks I was already at my goal weight and getting even stronger than I was before. He gave me everything that I had asked for and more. If anything is ever needed from workouts to nutrition from bodybuilding to powerlifting Jose is the exact man to go to."

– Eric R.

"I started my fitness journey at 350 lbs after about a year of hard work I met Jose. I was weighing about 240 lbs but was struggling to lower the weight or build any muscle that’s when I asked Jose for helped and he built me a custom plan that helped me go from 240 to 220 with noticeable strength gains he also left me with the tools to continue my fitness journey and still a year later is always there for any advice I need."

– Ben S.

"You know you changed my life bro i can’t stress that enough you motivated me to get off my ass after suffering from depression for months you put me on all the right supplements and always followed up on me to see if i was doing good you showed me right from wrong wether it was me eating or in the gym and i can’t stress that enough i went from 260 to 225 even through the pandemic you where checking up on me to see if i was still align with my goals i can’t honestly thank you enough bro i could go days explaining how grateful i am to meet you."

– Jolson

"I met Jose around the most perfect time! I had just finished complaining to my friend about how I am no longer progressing in my fitness journey and he recommended Jose. I did some stalking before i spoke to jose myself and after hearing what amazing things people had to say about him i knew i was in good hands. Jose was able to help me progress in areas i thought would be impossible to progress in. I haven’t stopped improving since I’ve been coaching with him and there’s never a moment where i feel like I’ve hit a Plateau thanks to his routines that he designs specifically for my crazy needs. Get u a coach who you can drive crazy and he’ll still be there for you!!!"

– Xena

"Working with Jose was a pure pleasure. I had a background of fitness but I needed help since I converted to vegetarian. Speaking to him I was able to tell right away that he was full of insight and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. He was able to assist me with my new meal & workout plan. 2 weeks into following his regimen I was able to see a noticeable difference in my body. It’s also nice that he is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have."

– Jeanette